The Gordon Research Group: MEMBERS

Group Leader: Heather L. Gordon
Assistant Professor - Brock University, 1999 - Present
Neurochem, Queen's University, D.F.Weaver, 1994-1999
University of Toronto, PostDoc, J.P.Valleau, 1993-1994
NRC-Institute for Biodiognostics, R.Somorjai,1992-1993
NRC-Institute for Biological Sciences, R.Somorjai, 1990-1992
Ph.D. Guelph University, S.Goldman, 1990
M.Sc. Brock University, S.Rothstein, 1983
B.Sc. Trent University 1980

Research Group - 2002
Marian Zlomislic, Pat Cassolato, Dr.Gordon, Yana Bukhman, Russ Dickson. Absent: Riham Shadid

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Past MembersResearch Projectwhere did they go?
Emily Wilson CHEM 4F90/4F91: Molecular Dynamics simulations of Tryptophan Residues: Conformational AnalysisScotland Yard
Caroline StarrsEvaluated electrostatic interaction energies on a 27-mer proteinCaroline lectures at Brock!
Chunhang GongSimulated annealing runs of the 46-mer BLN model proteinResearch assistant at Laurentian University
Marian ZlomislicUsed MD Simulations and NMR data to determine chirality of two novel amino acids in a cyclic depsipeptide (Dolastatin16).Year 4 of Honours Chem.
Amie SergasBTEC 4F90/4F91: Flexibility Assessment of Ab8F5 CDR LopL1 by Examination of its Explored Conformational Space via Metropolis Monte Carlo SimulationKinetek Pharmaceuticals, Stem Cell Technologies
Yana Bukhmanmodelling quinones Year 3 Honours Chem
Marian ZlomislicCHEM 4F90/4F91: Conformational Analysis of Model Antibody CDR Loops via Metropolis Monte Carlo Simulations Research Assistant in Gordon research group
Patrick CassolatoBTEC 4F90/4F91: Comparative Modelling of the alpha-tocopherol binding protein Year 4 Honours BTEC
Riham ShadidBTEC MSc student: Flexibility assessments of model antibodies continuing
Russ DicksonCo-op student: wrote programs in C that automate extraction of relevant information from PDB files, used as input for MMC simulations of model antibodiesthe Canada-Wide Science Fair in Saskatoon!!
Yana BukhmanMDSimulations and Modelling of PSI Reaction CentresYear 4 Honours Chem.
Marian ZlomislicMonte Carlo Simulations of model antibody loops- conformational distributions for assembled vs. isolated loopsMSc in Chemistry at UofCalgary